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The Talented People at Yoga Space

The Talented People at Yoga Space I’m talking about you–the students who come to Yoga Space for Yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais, Tai Chi, and community. Many of you have noteworthy talents, and this month I would like to start bragging about some of you and your particular talents. This month I’m featuring Janine Gomez, who is one…

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The Rules In Our Heads

Rules pop quiz question number 1: You are driving down Gallatin, from Yoga Space, and you come to 42nd Ave, where it dead ends. You wish to turn LEFT. Which part of Gallatin do you turn from? Left, right, or center? The correct answer is you move to the LEFT on a one-way street to…

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How to Deal with People Who Frustrate You

How to Deal With People Who Frustrate You by David (note: I didn’t write this blog. Someone named “David” did.  I found it years ago somewhere on the internet and saved it to my computer.  I have no idea who David is, but his message really resonated with me.  I hope with you too.) Deep…

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My Students My Teachers

When I first began teaching Yoga back in 1997, I always imagined that I would be doing the teaching, and my students would be doing the learning. But in the course of the past almost twenty years, I have found that my students teach and affect me in a much greater measure than I could…

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My 69-year bucket list

I have less than a week to both create, and fulfill my 69-year bucket list, as on October 21, 2016, I will be 69 years old. (More about this later.) As I never fail to tell everyone when they have their birthday, you are celebrating the end of however many years you call yourself on…

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