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Yoga Philosophy

How to Deal with People Who Frustrate You

How to Deal With People Who Frustrate You by David (note: I didn’t write this blog. Someone named “David” did.  I found it years ago somewhere on the internet and saved it to my computer.  I have no idea who David is, but his message really resonated with me.  I hope with you too.) Deep…

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My Students My Teachers

When I first began teaching Yoga back in 1997, I always imagined that I would be doing the teaching, and my students would be doing the learning. But in the course of the past almost twenty years, I have found that my students teach and affect me in a much greater measure than I could…

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My 69-year bucket list

I have less than a week to both create, and fulfill my 69-year bucket list, as on October 21, 2016, I will be 69 years old. (More about this later.) As I never fail to tell everyone when they have their birthday, you are celebrating the end of however many years you call yourself on…

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Rule Golden The – Part 2

We have all been sick at one time or another, but as children, a “get well” routine is established, usually by our mothers. For me it went like this:   I would lay in my bed, and every few hours my mother would come in, feel my head to determine if I had a fever.…

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Rule Golden The

Rule Golden The Why–I hear you ask–did you write “The Golden Rule” backwards? It came to me years ago, after I first started practicing yoga. It happened like this: There was once a special cake I was going to make for a party that Gloria and I were going to. It’s an Austrian cake called a…

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