A Yoga and Pilates Studio in Hyattsville, Maryland

Yoga Space

The Talented People at Yoga Space

The Talented People at Yoga Space I’m talking about you–the students who come to Yoga Space for Yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais, Tai Chi, and community. Many of you have noteworthy talents, and this month I would like to start bragging about some of you and your particular talents. This month I’m featuring Janine Gomez, who is one…

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The Friendly Vibe in Yoga Space

When Gloria and I first walked into the empty room that is now Yoga Space, it was a mess. It was dirty, dingy, and drab. And yet…there was a “feeling” of friendliness that I felt permeating this space. Where did this friendly feeling come from, I wondered? Eleven years later, I found out: About 4 months ago…

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