A Yoga and Pilates Studio in Hyattsville, Maryland


Adaptive Yoga for MS Mixed Levels
Although it is designed for students with MS, it can equally be useful for those dealing with neuropathy or other similar conditions. It includes modified yoga stretches to release muscular tension (thus relieving spasticity), breathing practices, and fun. It has been reported by others with MS that doing yoga can increase body awareness; improve flexibility and strength; allow for better coordination and balance; and give the ability to better handle stress. Each class ends with a deep relaxation. Participants must be ambulatory & be able to transfer from chair to floor.


Beginners Pilates

This class is ideal for someone who has never taken Pilates before. We will cover the basics, learning each exercise with tips on how to build up to doing an exercise that you might not be able to do right away.  You can also use this class as a refresher if you have not taken Pilates in a long time, and want to get back into it.  Pilates is a great set of exercises for building the "core" muscles in your body, generally defined as most of the muscles above the knees, and below the chest.


Bones for Life® 
Postural training from the inside out.

This class gets your bones strong and sturdy while improving balance and coordination. Bones for Life is a variation of Feldenkrais where we emphasize weight-bearing movements in safe and playful ways. Learning from cultures where people carry often heavy loads on their heads and still are less likely to brake bones, we will use simple tools that facilitate controlled resistance to pressure, like using a strip of cloth as a harness, pushing a wall, or lifting weights in a new way. This class is beneficial for anybody who would like to improve her or his posture, osteoporosis, neck or back pain, joint challenges, compromised balance, and regain energy. More information under http://www.movementintelligence.com/


Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement

With the Feldenkrais® method of motor learning, you will learn to improve your posture, balance and coordination. You will explore how to move more easily, efficiently, and less painfully and refine your kinesthetic sense and awareness. Feldenkrais® works with the newest neuroplasticity research and the joy of movement. This class is beneficial for anybody who is a curious learner and wants to expand movement abilities for daily life tasks, work and leisure. Many of the lessons are in lying and sitting and can be adapted to individual abilities and needs.


Gentle Yoga

Approaching yoga as a process of undoing – to counter the ever-present doing most of us experience every day.  Allowing a slow pace to really feel into the body and discover the inner landscape.  Nurturing integration of body, breath, and mind; finding connections through asana practice to shed fragmentation that can leave us feeling depleted.  Connecting with gravity for support, with breath for energy, with movement for easefulness.  This class is appropriate for any level of practitioner, including beginners.


Hatha Yoga Beginners and Gentle Yoga
This is a combination of warm-ups, gentle postures, and pranayama (yogic breathing,) and is always followed by a guided deep relaxation. This class is designed for students of all ages, including seniors. This class is beneficial for people recovering from injury or illness and those experiencing chronic pain. It is also suitable for anyone who has never taken Yoga before and those who are simply looking for a kinder gentler Yoga!


Hatha Yoga Continuing 
Designed for people that have taken Beginners Yoga, or who have recently taken Yoga. This class focuses on the foundation poses, and stresses correctness of posture, and endurance.  Also included are several breathing practices. Each class ends with a guided deep relaxation.


Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga

This class combines classic hatha asanas taught in a vinyasa sequence. Using a blend of styles that integrates breath work and focuses on proper alignment taught in a flowing way with gentle music, students will learn to listen to their bodies' abilities and limitations while at the same time challenging themselves to go deeper.


Pilates Mat I
Have you heard that you need to be fit and muscle-bound to take Pilates?  Think again!  Join this class, and you will soon begin to notice firmer muscles that were once flabby, a higher energy level, maybe even better looking!  We strengthen the core muscles to make all this happen.  To top it all off, we have fun!  Join us and see for yourself how you will benefit.


Pilates Mat I/II
will be a continuation of Mat I.  We will continue to build on our Pilates base, emphasizing developing more core strength, and refining our breathing and stamina by incorporating new exercises.


Pilates Mat II
will be a continuation of Mat I/II. (Students must have completed at least one session of Mat I/II).  This class moves with speed  and further develops your core strength. 


Prenatal Yoga Mixed Levels

is a wonderful tool that is especially suitable for the pregnant mother in preparing for birth.  In this class you will use yoga to gently stretch and release some of the tension that can build up in muscles and joints.  Your body will be toned and strengthened.  As you move from trimester to trimester, some of the asanas will be modified to safely accommodate your changing body.  Breathing techniques that can aid in labor and birth will be taught.  At the end of each yoga session you will enjoy a "deep relaxation" which will further relax the body, as well as help you to release emotions.

Although prenatal yoga is appropriate for women new to yoga as well as experienced students, you must first check with your Obstetrician, or Midwife and make sure they are in agreement that your yoga class will be of benefit to you.


Senior Yoga
This class is done both seated in a chair, and standing, using the chair for support as needed.  We will use modified yoga poses to improve balance, strength and flexibility.  We will learn some breathing practices to increase lung capacity, and to reduce stress. 


Tai Chi
This class focuses on the fundamental posture and movements of Tai Chi with the intent of improving physical fitness and overall well-being. Tai Chi practice is especially beneficial for improving coordination, balance, and leg strength while cultivating a relaxed body state.  Tai Chi is suitable for all ages and levels of ability since the movements can be modified as appropriate for each individual.   This class is primarily intended for those who are new or returning to Tai Chi, although more experienced practitioners are welcome.  Please wear clothing which allows for easy movement and flat shoes with flexible soles, such as light-weight sneakers.


Our newest class, Yogalates, will combine the stretching and stress relief of yoga, with the core strengthening of Pilates.  I have always found these two disciplines to be complimentary to one another.  Each class will end with a deep relaxation, so although you may have worked hard, you will walk out of the class feeling relaxed.  Imagine that!