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The Wisdom of Babies

We often equate wisdom with age.  But babies are incredibly intelligent. They learn concepts often before they learn words. This child is learning an important lesson: If you have your hands full of toys, and you see another toy you want, you either have to drop one of the toys in your hands, or not have the toy you really desire.

A baby with toys

As adults, we do the same thing. Often, in order to have something new, we have to give up something old.

I have been doing Thai massage now for almost 15 years, and have truly enjoyed it. As I approach my 70th journey around the sun, however, I find myself teaching yoga and Pilates 7 days a week, taking up over 32 hours each week. That doesn’t include my own learning process, keeping up the website, planning lessons, answering emails, attending workshops, etc. But these are the toys I wish to keep!

Thai massage takes up an additional piece of time for learning, keeping up the practice, and the massages I have been doing at Yoga Space.

I recently picked up my classical guitar after 20 years of not playing it. I had forgotten they joy I get from playing classical music. I also have a deep desire to finish the last draft of my novel by year’s end so all of you can read it! Both of these pursuits take up a good deal of time.

And so, the toy I now have in my hand (Thai massage,) I am going to drop, in order to pick up the more desirable toys laying on the ground (time to practice guitar, and time to write.)   Time is a very valuable toy.

I have removed Thai massage from my website, and I hope it is with your blessings. Please feel free to send me your comments.

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