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What is yoga?

Yoga, as currently practiced in the Western world, focuses on a series of postures,(or asanas,) that gently stretch the body, breathing exercises, relaxation, and in some cases, meditation. These things are combined into a 90-minute session (usually,) and they are done in order to improve one's health and sense of well-being.  


Why should I start practicing yoga?

If you are a regular practitioner of yoga, you might already know of some of the many benefits of practicing.  Maybe it's something as simple as sleeping better at night.  Maybe it relieves your tension.  Perhaps it has made you stronger.  Yogis have known for thousands of years what yoga can do for one's health.  Science is now beginning to validate and document these ancient claims, as well as uncover new health benefits.


Below are just a few of yoga's many benefits.


Physical Benefits

Greater flexibility

Increase in muscle strength

Greater bone strength

Lowering of blood pressure

Better balance


  Mental Benefits

Lessening of depression

Stress reduction 

Peace of mind

Greater happiness

Improvement of memory, reaction time, and coordination  


Increased blood flow

Moving more oxygenated blood into internal organs

Drainage of lymph (helping your system fight infection, releasing toxins, and destroying cancerous cells)

Lowering of blood sugar and LDL (the "bad" cholesterol)

Lowering of cortisol levels (High cortisol levels can harm your immune system)

Decreasing respiratory rate (how fast you breathe), and at the same time, increasing volume of air.  

Spiritual Benefits

Increased feelings of forgiveness

Feelings of a connection to the Divine

Ability to empathize with others




Who can practice yoga?

 Anybody and everybody can practice yoga, especially at Yoga Space!  Age doesn't matter.  Size doesn't matter.  Experience doesn't matter. Physical condition doesn't matter.  



What do I need when I take a class at Yoga Space?

All you need to do is dress in comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.  Please don't wear heavy perfumes or after-shave lotions to class, as some people are sensitive to odors.


If you have your own mat, you may bring it.  Otherwise, we have an ample supply of sticky mats, blankets, and props that are sometimes used in yoga such as blocks and belts.  We also sell bottled water.  


What do others say about Yoga Space?

Yoga Space Testimonial - Ray Weil

 For years I passed by the little business district on Hyattsville's Gallatin Street wistfully dreaming of what community oriented business might fill these charming old storefronts. So when Douglas Thompson totally renovated the old Odd Fellows building to bring back its opened punched tin ceiling charm, I was thrilled to see it become a yoga studio. Yoga Space. And then when Doug advertised free trial classes, well I just had to give it a try. I never would have tried Yoga if it had not been right here in Hyattsville, within a short bike ride from our house. That was in 2005. I tried it, liked it and have been doing Yoga at Yoga Space once, twice, sometimes three times a weeks ever since. In short, having Yoga Space in the community has really improved the quality of my life.

 Yoga Space is just that ---a really welcoming, calming, pleasant space in which to find ones inner light, and bring physically and mental wellbeing into ones life-and the lives of others. Yoga Space offers classes by a number of teachers at a reasonable cost and with a flexible drop in policy. I have taken classes from at east four Yoga Space teachers, Doug himself, Marika, Kelly and Carol (in no particular order). I have found each to be excellent in his or her own way - each offers something different in Yoga and teaching style and personality. With their help I have brought a new sense of inner peace and wellbeing to my life. I will always be grateful to Doug and his Yoga Space for that.

Ray R. Weil
Professor of Soil Science
Dept. of Environmental Science & Technology
University of Maryland
College Park, Maryland


Now that you have an idea of what yoga is, and what it can do for you, please browse through Yoga Space's website and find out about where we are located, our teachers, our styles, our prices, and our class schedule.



Thank you for visiting Yoga Space.